Email app

In this tutorial, you will learn how to build an email app that works entirely on the SAFE Network!

Instead of relying on an email service provider such as Gmail, or going through the trouble of running your own mail server, you can use the SAFE Network to build dynamic applications such as email and messaging apps.

The emails you send using SAFE Mail Tutorial are encrypted using the public encryption key of the recipient. This means that only the recipient of an email is able to read its content. This example app demonstrates the usage of private appendable data.


Inbox page


This tutorial will showcase how to:


You will learn about the following APIs:

External libraries

Source code

Browse the source code of the SAFE Mail Tutorial on GitHub.

electron-react-boilerplate was used as a starting point.


Download SAFE Mail Tutorial v0.1.2 on GitHub.

Since this app is built using Electron, it can be distributed as a desktop app (Windows, OS X and Linux).

Building from source


1. SAFE Launcher

Start SAFE Launcher v0.10.0 and log in.

2. Node.js

Make sure you have Node.js v6 (LTS).

node --version

There are many ways to install Node.js. See for more info.


1. Clone this GitHub repository
git clone

If you don't have Git installed, you can download it from

2. Install the dependencies
cd safe_examples/email_app && npm install
3. Start the app
npm run dev

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